As co-founder and managing member of Prime Equity NYC, Yaron Shemesh is responsible for strategic planning, business development, and deal sourcing. He has been involved in New York real estate since 2008. Yaron is also former member of the Israeli judo Olympic team and a Six-time Israeli Champion. He graduated from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Business, and has used this knowledge to gain fifteen years of experience in the US Real Estate Market. Yaron specializes in the acquisition, management and improvement of commercial and residential Real Estate, in the New York and New Jersey metro Area.



Born in Tel Aviv, Israel David Zoarets Co-Founder of Prime Equity NYC, Moved to Brooklyn in 2000 with knowledge and passion for the real Estate market. He has since then gained twelve years of experience and has made deals worth over $20 Mill by identifying, enhancing and managing commercial and residential properties in the New York and New Jersey area. David is also the Founder of Ambienty NY, a contracting company specializing in construction and renovation and Managing Partner and president of WA realty Development LLC. He also specializes in facilitating new construction, conversions, and gut renovations across all asset classes. He has extensive expertise in both project management and development, with a portfolio of properties totaling in excess of $30 million spanning in New York metro area.



As the Backbone of the company, with his Years of knowledge and a wealth of experience Sharone Zadok the Co-Founder of Prime Equity NYC is responsible for the strategic planning, and successful execution of deals in the New York and New Jersey area. This has enabled the company’s growth by closing short sales, purchasing off market, and distressed properties, both residential and commercial.

Sharone has been in the Real Estate market for over fifteen years and continues to drive the company forward using this knowledge to oversee and manage the development, risk factors and growth Strategies and also ensuring that in the end both the seller and buyer is satisfied .