Founding Partner

Yaron is responsible for strategic planning, including business development, and financial analysis.

Specializing in the acquisition, management, and improvement of commercial and residential real estate in New York and New Jersey since 2008.

Yaron holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Yaron is also a former member of the Israeli Olympic Judo team and was selected six times as an Israeli Judo champion.


Founding Partner

David moved to Brooklyn in 2000 with a knowledge and passion for the real estate market.

He has since executed transactions worth more than $100 million by identifying, developing, and managing commercial and residential properties in New York and New Jersey.

David has extensive expertise in both project management and entrepreneurial development.

He has considerable knowledge and rich experience in everything related to new construction, conversions, and renovations of all types of properties.

He outlines the path when it comes to the company’s strategic set-up.


Chief of Operations

Roy is trusted with locating the deals.

As part of his activities, he is responsible for purchasing distressed properties that are not accessible to the broader market, from residential to commercial properties.

Roy has been operating in the real estate market for over 5 years. He harnesses the knowledge he has accumulated to create value for investors, monitor and manage developments, monitor risk factors and growth strategies, and also to ensure that ultimately, both the seller and buyer are satisfied.